Ravenswood Education Foundation launches adopt-a-teacher initiative

by Linda Hubbard on October 24, 2010

In 2009-10, groups from the Bay Area “adopted” 40 teachers from three schools in the Ravenswood City School District in Menlo Park, and the result was overwhelmingly positive. This year, the goal of the Ravenswood Education Foundation is to have groups “adopt” all 105 K-5th grade teachers in the district.  Adopting a teacher involves a nine-month commitment and a financial cost of $400-500 in supplies. Each group assumes three responsibilities: (1) designate one person to communicate at least monthly with the teacher, (2) build and deliver two supply kits (per guidelines) and (3) provide and deliver supplies for one or two class parties. To participate contact: Kelly Morehead (kellymorehead@mac.com) or Beth Carey (keycarey@yahoo.com).

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