State of computing in 2021 is topic of evening conference at SRI International on May 17

by Linda Hubbard on May 15, 2011

News and events organization Xconomy is hosting an evening program at SRI International in Menlo Park titled “Beyond Mobile: Computing in 2021” on Tuesday, May 17. Here is the program description: “In 2001, almost no one could have foreseen realities like ubiquitous mobile phone ownership, cloud storage and processing, or the tablet revolution. But given the opportunities at stake, innovators and entrepreneurs can’t help asking how consumers and professionals will be using computers and mobile devices ten years from now. Will devices recognizable as “smartphones,” “tablets,” and “desktops” still be around in 2021? Or will computing power simply be embedded all around us in our homes, vehicles, offices, and other environments? Will we still interact with computing devices through keyboards and pointing devices, or will touch, voice, and gestural interfaces take over? Will displays grow to the size of walls, or shrink to the size of our retinas? And what role will today’s computing and mobile companies, both large and small, play in the coming transformations? Join some of the West Coast’s leading visionaries for an evening of far-reaching debate on the future of computing.” A list of speakers, the agenda, and registration is available online.

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