Sunday sights in downtown Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard on July 17, 2011

While  yesterday it was enterprising adults who we spotted taking advantage of the uptick in people in Menlo Park for the annual Connoisseurs’ Marketplace, today the spotlight was on kids. Participants in the Belle Haven ventures program had set up shop at the Menlo Park farmers’ market selling their products — candle/pencil/plant holders — made from “upcycled” plastic. The program is sponsored by My Ventures, which describes itself as “a hands-on educational program which develops middle and high school students into social innovation leaders.”

Just west on Santa Cruz Ave near Fremont St., three young girls had set up a cookie and lemonade stand, hoping to tempt people as they walked to the festival. Undoubtedly, a little sun would help their sales — as well as the sales of the arts and crafts people just down the road.

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