Spotted: Cat with his own private ride

by Linda Hubbard on August 2, 2011

By her own admission, she owns “the crazy cat lady” moniker given by her Linfield Oaks neighbors. But that doesn’t bother this Menlo resident who’s figured out a creative way to get her two condo-living, almost grown kittens out safely for some fresh air and a look around the neighborhood. She reports: “On our first outing, I did have three people stop and say to me, ‘Wow, how cute, there is a cat in there, I should get one for my cat’. Another, just said, ‘How fun for the cat, and how nice of you to take him outside in his own private carriage’.” She takes one cat at time for their daily cruise, and says they hop in and out of the stroller “just like a thrill ride at the County Fair!”

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