Applications due Sept. 20 to fill vacancies on three Menlo Park commissions

by Linda Hubbard on September 13, 2011

Menlo Park’s Environmental Quality, Housing, and Transportation Commission each have two vacancies to fill. Members would serve through April 30, 2015.

The Environmental Quality Commission is charged primarily with advising the City Council on matters involving environmental protection, improvement, and sustainability. Specific focus areas include:

  • Preserving heritage trees
  • Using best practices to maintain city trees
  • Preserving and expanding the urban canopy
  • Making determinations on appeals of heritage tree removal permits
  • Administering annual Environmental Quality Awards program
  • Organizing annual Arbor Day Event; typically a tree planting event
  • Advising on programs and policies related to protection of natural areas, recycling and waste reduction, environmentally sustainable practices, air and water pollution prevention, climate protection, and water and energy conservation.

The Housing Commission is charged primarily with advising the City Council on housing matters including housing supply and housing related problems. Specific focus areas include:

  • Community attitudes about housing (range, distribution, racial, social-economic problems
  • Programs for evaluating, maintaining, and upgrading the distribution and quality of housing stock in the City
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating City programs under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974
  • Members serve with staff on a loan review committee for housing rehabilitation programs and a first time homebuyer loan program
  • Review and make recommendations to the Council regarding the Below Market Rate (BMR) program
  • Initiate, review and make recommendations on housing policies and programs for the City
  • Review and make recommendations on housing related impacts for environmental impact reports
  • Review and make recommendations on State and regional housing issues
  • Review and make recommendations on the Housing Element of the General Pla

The Transportation Commission is charged primarily with advising the City Council on matters related to the adequacy and improvement of all types of public and private transportation within and across the City, including the best approaches to establishing and maintaining systems and facilities for the transport of people and goods around the City. Specific focus areas include:

  • The coordination of motor vehicle, bicycle, mass transit, and pedestrian traffic facilities
  • The development and encouragement of the most efficient and least detrimental overall transportation system for the City supporting the goals of the General Plan
  • Coordination with regional transportation systems
  • Serve as the appeals board for appeals from staff determinations concerning establishment of traffic signs, pavement markings, speed zones, parking regulations, traffic signals, bike lanes, bus stops, etc.

Applications to fill commission vacancies are due by Sept. 20. The form can be downloaded from the City’s commission website page or by requesting a copy from Margaret Roberts ( or 330-6625).

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