You think it’s a decoration – we know it’s a cake!

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on December 25, 2011

A Peninsula hostess enjoys doing themed Christmas dinners for her family and close friends, and this year’s dining table featured large beaded reindeer scattered among a sea of deep red roses. But how to carry that theme out when it comes to dessert?

Beth Ann Goldberg of Studio Cake in Menlo Park to the rescue! She created this totally edible reindeer pulling a package-filled sleigh using four flavors of cake: Rocky Road, chocolate with crushed peppermint, vanilla with cookies and cream, and Lovey Dovey (white chocolate with passion fruit buttercream and raspberry coulis). We were lucky enough to get a pre-dinner sneak preview and think it’s not just a cake but a wondrous piece of Christmas art!

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