Dr. Madeline Levine talks to parents about teaching their children well on Oct. 11

by Linda Hubbard on October 7, 2012

Dr. Madeline Levine is the featured speaker at the Menlo-Atherton Parent Education Series on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 7:00 pm at the M-A Performing Arts Center, an event that is co-sponsored by Kepler’s, which is free and open to all members of the community.

She will discuss her cutting-edge research and 30 years of clinical experience that explodes, once and for all,  the myth that good grades, high test scores, and college acceptances should define the parenting endgame.

Parents, educators, and the media wring their hands about the plight of America’s children and teens — soaring rates of emotional problems, limited coping skills, disengagement from learning and yet there are ways to reverse these disheartening trends.

Levine’s book, Teach Your Children Well, acknowledges that every parent wants successful children. However, until we are clearer about our core values and the parenting choices that are most likely to lead to authentic, and not superficial, success, we will continue to raise exhausted, externally driven, impaired children who believe they are only as good as their last performance

Madeline Levine, PhD, is a clinician, consultant, and educator; the author of The Price of Privilege; and a co-founder of Challenge Success, a project birthed at the Stanford School of Education that addresses education reform, student well-being, and parent education.

For more information, contact Charlene Margot, M-A Parent Education Series, Program Director, cmargot@csmconsulting.net .


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