Otter regatta using Otter Pops salutes new group of Oak Knoll Otters in Menlo Park

by Alexis Murphy on June 19, 2013

Our family has loved Otter Pops for a looong time. They were a fun treat for me as a kid, my husband gobbled them down during the HOT summers of his childhood in Arizona, and our local elementary school mascot is Ollie the Otter so they are at every event!

I am helping with a party for a new crop of Otters, entering elementary school in the fall. What better introduction than a festive day with Otter Pops! I decided to put togther an Otter Regatta, featuring the Otter Pop Stars.

For the big boat race event, each child picked their favorite character/color by researching them on the Otter Popstar website. We met each member of the Otter Pop Band, watched their music videos and checked out other fun activities. We used wooden boat sets, decorated with the appropriate colored sail, and then cut their images right off the box!

And believe me, with so many interesting characters, it was not easy to pick a favorite!

Menlo Park resident Alexis Murphy’s website is Jacolyn Murphy, where she posts a creative inspiration almost every day. You can view the individual Otter Pop boats there.)


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