More on Caroline Mustard’s iPad Painting – for Adults!

by Irene Searles on October 9, 2013

After meeting Caroline Mustard for an InMenlo interview about her iPad Painting classes for teens, I became intrigued with what she was doing through digital art.

This led to a brain storming meeting about how to continue to spread the word about her classes. The two of us decided to organize a Coffee and Art event at the home of Caroline’s son, inviting women who I’ve known in hopes that they might be more interested in enrolling their children in her Burgess Class.

The turnout of moms was impressive and the enthusiasm was caught by all. While some signed their children up right away, others decided to ask Caroline to also teach classes for adults.

Launching this Friday 10/11, Caroline will be leading us to explore our inner artists on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10-11:30. We will meet at the Freewheel Brewing Company. All interested in enrolling should contact Irene Searles at

For more background on Caroline’s work, see the original InMenlo post about her: Caroline Mustard’s iPad art is changing her life – and she’s anxious to pass her knowledge on to kids.

Caroline Mustard with Moms

Caroline Mustard with Moms


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