Spotted: Oak Knoll Wishing Tree – symbol of peace, hope and unity this holiday season

by Contributed Content on December 17, 2013

Oak Knoll School in Menlo Park is the holiday home of a “wishing tree,” a project conceived by parent Julia Appleby and set in motion with the help of school counselor Nicole Scott.  Here’s a description from the school’s newsletter:

“The Oak Knoll Wishing Tree is starting to look very special with the kids ‘Wish Tags’ hanging from it’s branches.

“The children can earn a tag three ways; Do a chore at home and donate some pocket money to the Red Cross disaster relief fund. Teachers will collect the money and give students their Wish tags. Children can write a letter to a child that has been affected by a natural disaster like Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines or the Illinois tornadoes or the third way is to write a letter to your local congressman about concerns or questions about climate change and the environment.

“All money will be donated to the Red Cross disaster relief fund.”


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