Mark your calendar for Dec. 24, 2014 to see west Menlo’s fabulous luminarias

by Linda Hubbard on December 27, 2013

Driving west on Santa Cruz Avenue on Christmas Eve, we came upon a dazzling sight. Three streets between SCA and Valparaiso – Cotton, Hobart and Hillview – were lined with hundreds of luminaries.

It took us awhile to get the facts behind the display (hence this delayed post). This is the second year the luminaries have lined Hillview and Cotton, with Hobart joining its sister streets this year. Menlo Park resident Jim Schott coordinated with volunteers on each street –  Debbie Hall on Hillview, Grace and John Dumalac on Hobart, and Ward Bullard on Cotton.

Emails Jim: “Unfortunately my family made plans to fly east and missed out.  We were visiting family in Cranford, NJ and were able to help set up candles with my brother and his neighbors for Christmas Eve (bottom photo). Both coasts set up 1000 bags and candles for 100 homes!”

Bottom photo by Neil Schott

luminairies in the East


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