University Heights neighborhood hit by mailbox theft

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on February 15, 2014

Sometime between Thursday night (2/13) and Friday morning (2/14), someone went through all of the mailboxes on Stanford Ave. in the University Heights neighborhood of unincorporated Menlo Park — and all along Sharon Road on the way to La Entrada school. They stole everything; the assumption is the culprit(s) was looking for cash (contained in Valentine cards?).

Commented one resident: “I got a notice from Chase that I was getting a new credit card because of the Target credit card breach. I suspect a smart thief knew that lots of companies are sending new cards out over the past week and figured they might score a few easy cards.”

The theft is a warning to people not to put things out for the mailman to pickup.

Photo by Cindy Tipton

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