City of Menlo Park honors the Menlo Park Historical Association

by Jym Clendenin on August 23, 2014

At last Tuesday’s City Council Meeting, Mayor Ray Mueller presented the Menlo Park Historical Association with a proclamation recognizing its accomplishments since 1971 in preserving the history of Menlo Park and in making its archived materials available to the public, including through its website

Most recently the Association was instrumental in the creation of the Friendship Agreement between Menlo Park and Galway City, Ireland, signed October 17, 2013. The full proclamation can be viewed online. After the presentation, the Council and MPHA Board Members and friends gathered in front of the Council’s dais.

Shown in the photo left to right are Councilpersons (C) and History Association Members (A): Peter Ohtaki (C), Gil Workman (A) Rich Cline (C), Ester Bugna (A), Bill Weseloh (A), Mayor Mueller (C), Jym Clendenin (A), Kirsten Keith (C), Lydia Dioli Cooper (A), Lucy Spaziano (A), Jim Lewis (A) and Catherine Carlton (C).

Author of this post, Jym Clendenin, is currently president of the MPHA.

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