Spotted: Fuyu persimmons for sale on a rainy morning

by Linda Hubbard on November 22, 2014

There was a steady drizzle this morning when we passed a persimmon stand on Magnolia St. in Menlo Park that was sheltered from the precipitation by an umbrella. InMenlo weather watcher reported his gauges recorded a scant o.o5″ bringing his season-to-date to 1.5″.

The word “Fuyu” got us scurrying to learn more about this variety, which was provided by the California Fuyu Growers’ Association:

“The Fuyu is a non-astringent variety. It is sweet and delicious when it has become orange to orange-red in color and is still firm. The traditional use of the Fuyu is to eat it out of hand. After harvest, the Fuyu will stay firm two to three weeks if kept at room temperature and will gradually soften like the Hachiya variety. Many people feel it is sweeter at a somewhat spongy stage, so it has a long useable time. Some people use the Fuyu in American persimmon recipes for cookies and pudding.”


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