Menlo Park Police Department reminds residents that house numbers should be clearly visible

by Contributed Content on January 8, 2015

The Menlo Park Police Department requests that all residents assist emergency services by clearly displaying house numbers. Seconds count in an emergency, and easily-read house numbers assists the response of emergency services to a call for help.

House and business address numbers should be clear enough so that the police, the fire department, paramedics, etc., can quickly locate properties in an emergency. Numbers are often the only way that first-responders can identify their intended destinations, and also help your visitors and delivery/service persons locate your residence.

The City of Menlo Park has a municipal code under Chapter 12.28  regarding Numbering Buildings and displaying your premise numerals. In addition, the San Mateo County Fire Code Article 3 outlines displaying house numbers in a clearly visible location.

Here are some recommendations for making your premise address numbers visible:

-The numbers should be large, within reason. Try to make them at least 5 or 6 inches tall. Smaller numbers may not be visible from the street if you have a large front yard. Replacement house numbers can be purchased from hardware stores and online.

-The numbers should be of a color that contrasts with their background. Reflective numbers are great because they are easier to see at night.

-Try not to put house numbers behind any trees, shrubs, or anything else that may obscure their view from the street.

-Make sure that the number faces the street that is listed in the house’s address.

-Is your house not visible from the road? Then the number should be placed at the driveway’s entrance on a mailbox or post.

Editor’s note: On a stroll around west Menlo Park, this mail box with bold numbers really stood out from the rest. We liked that it showed the number and the street.

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