Curly the bedbug-sniffing dog proclaims Menlo Park Library “all clear”

by Contributed Content on October 8, 2015

Following treatment and a final inspection for bedbugs, the Menlo Park Library, located at 800 Alma St., reopened this morning at 10:00 am. The library was closed on Tuesday, Oct. 6, following the discovery of one bedbug in a public seating area.

Today’s inspection involved a bedbug-sniffing dog named Curly who cleared the library at approximately 9:45 .m. The Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix received special training and certification from the Florida Canine Academy and has been performing bedbug detection services for over five years.

The City scheduled a follow-up visit in a few weeks to ensure that the library remains bedbug-free. The library and facilities staff also plans to hold bedbug awareness and identification training and implement procedures for handling and treating any books or materials suspected of containing bedbugs in the future.

Bedbugs are not considered a public health hazard, as they are not known to spread disease.

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