Ideas for fun no-carve Halloween pumpkins

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on October 14, 2016

Before heading out to the pumpkin patch this weekend to pick out your Halloween jack-o-lantern, consider these ideas from the always creative Menlo Park resident Alexis Murphy.

pumpking-1She writes: “Do you want to know the thing that scares me most at Halloween? Carving pumpkins! They never turn out how I envisioned, it’s messy, they rot and the squirrels treat them like an all day buffet when we put them on the porch.
I’ve got 5 fun ways to spice up your pumpkin patch finds
and there will be no knives involved.”

We present two here: You can “have museum quality masterpieces in no time…with these Pollack Pumpkins.”

Or channel a little Elvis with PumpKing.

More ideas are on Alexis’s website.

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