Bedding needed for families soon to move out of LifeMoves shelters

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on January 30, 2017

“About 50 people, mostly families, are moving out of LifeMoves shelters into permanent housing this month,” emails Barrett Moore.

“They need bedding….honestly many will start out on the floor (which they are grateful for), but I’m hoping that spring cleaning, combined with our need to do something positive, might help us gather 50 sets and make their new homes a little more wonderful.

“Mismatched, stained? No problem! Beats the floor. Pillows do not need to be washed.

“Move in dates make this something to do this week. You could drop anything on my porch (648 College Ave.) or call me if you’d like me to swing by (650-796-9392). Receipts available upon request.”

Barrett adds that the response has been great since word first went out and she’s hoping that it will continue!

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