Anxious parents await news with Menlo-Atherton High School on lockdown

by Linda Hubbard on April 4, 2018

Update from Atherton Police Department: “As of 1:52 pm, lockdown lifted. It was confirmed that the subject police were looking for was not on campus.”

We got notified by Menlo-Atherton High School parent Katharina Powers that Menlo-Atherton High School is on lockdown.

She, along with other members of the M-A community received an email that the Atherton Police were taking the precautionary measure following the posting of a photo of M-A student with a firearm.

“The kids are hiding under desks in G-Wing,” she told us during a brief phone call.

She followed up with an email: “Parents are parked all around the school waiting. School says they let class rooms out one by one, then lunch, and school resumes since there is nothing active, but parents can pick up their kids. That’s what I’m doing.”

11th grade student Sophia Longo had this to say about the experience: “When we heard the announcement about the lockdown, everyone took it seriously. We closed the blinds and barricaded doors with desks, and since I was in my digital photography class we quickly went into the studio room, which is separate from the main classroom.

“Our teacher locked the door to the studio, and everyone stayed relatively quiet and many texted their friends and family. We were all quite nervous with the Parkland shooting still very fresh in our minds.

“Lockdowns like this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence around the nation, it’s time for lawmakers to get over the politics and start putting human lives before gun rights.”

According to Atherton Police Chief Steve McCulley, the department received a phone call at approximately 11:30 am reporting that a student may be on campus in the bathroom, possibly armed with a handgun.

The school went on lockdown while police officers searched the restrooms and cleared the classrooms “as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the campus.”

Photos by Katarina Powers (c) 2018


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