Capturing the sights of Summerfest 2018 in downtown Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard on July 22, 2018

Elisabeth Sullivan

Summerfest returned to Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Menlo Park this weekend, wrapping up its two-day run at 6:00 pm this evening. InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most captured some of the action.

Featured at top is artist Elizabeth Sullivan who  describes her slightly surreal acrylic paintings as “dreamscapes.”   “I’ve been drawing since before I can remember,” she writes on her website.  “The desire has just always been there.  In fact, my mother tells me she thought I would be an artist because I was drawing eyelashes on my stick figures when I was just two years old, and I would draw and color for hours.  I guess I was pretty easy to entertain – and I still am!  All I need is something to draw on and something to draw with.  Inspiration is all around me and imagination is always with me.”

Other photos include a girl enjoying time in a bubble floating in a pool,  a young lad transfixed by a feather puppet and kids enjoying one of the carnival rides.

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2018

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