Menlo Park City Council to review request for citywide development moratorium

by Contributed Content on June 5, 2019

The City of Menlo Park announced Mayor Ray Mueller’s June 5, 2019, receipt of a written agenda request from Mayor Pro Tem Cecilia Taylor and Councilmember Betsy Nash, for the consideration a citywide development moratorium. The moratorium specifically would cover all new non-residential construction (including hotels) and any increased floor area ratio (FAR) for existing non-residential construction (including hotels).

Additionally the moratorium would cover in District 1, all new residential construction for developments over 100 units and any increased FAR for existing residential developments over 100 units.

As set forth in the Menlo Park City Council Procedures Manual, councilmembers may make agenda requests verbally during a meeting or may submit written requests. The policy manual further states: “Normally, the process involves two steps: initial consideration of the request by the full City Council at the soonest possible regularly scheduled meeting; and, if a majority agrees, the matter is then scheduled for further consideration on an upcoming meeting agenda.”

In accordance with the City Council’s policy, Mayor Mueller has set initial consideration of the moratorium request for the Menlo Park City Council meeting announced and set for June 11, 2019, to be heard no earlier than 7 p.m.

The City Council may provide direction to the City Attorney on whether or not to draft a moratorium ordinance for the City Council’s consideration at a future meeting, and if such direction is provided, what should be considered for inclusion in the proposed ordinance.

Mayor Mueller provided the following statement: “It is my expectation the request for moratorium will evoke passionate feelings and strong debate on all sides of the issue both within and outside our city borders. Such debate is to be invited and is appropriate and necessary.

“The City of Menlo Park will work to ensure a thoughtful, respectful and appropriately deliberative process for all parties involved.”

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