Reminder: Fireworks are prohibited in Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on July 2, 2019

The Menlo Park Police Department reminds local residents and visitors that all forms of fireworks and gunfire are strictly prohibited in Menlo Park. This includes “safe and sane” fireworks, as the potential for fires is extremely high due to hotter temperatures and dryness of grass and brush. It only takes one spark to start a fire.

Police will respond quickly to reports of unlawful use and/or possession of fireworks and firearms. Anyone found using or in possession of fireworks or discharging a firearm are subject to citations and/or arrest. Residents can report the use of fireworks and firearms by calling the police non-emergency number at 650-330-6300. In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Avoid the use of consumer fireworks and instead enjoy firework displays conducted by trained professionals. The closest public fireworks display is at the port of Redwood City. Find out more online.

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