Spotted: Greens from Plenty at Safeway on El Camino

by Linda Hubbard on February 8, 2020

Greens from the vertical farming company Plenty are now available the Safeway on El Camino in Menlo Park in addition to Draeger’s.

According to the company, Plenty produce is designed for the best possible flavor while growing with extreme efficiency and cleanliness. The farms are able to control variables like climate and light, while using less than 1% of the land and less than 5% of the water compared to an outdoor farm.

“We should not eat produce just for the sake of eating produce. We should eat fresh produce because it tastes great while minimizing environmental impact. This is why people need greater access to local, healthy vegetables that are full of great flavor and nutrients,” said Dominique Crenn, Michelin-starred chef and owner of Atelier Crenn, and a member of Plenty’s Culinary Advisory Board.

The two stores are carrying four of Plenty’s products:
1. Starlight Kale – A velvety-soft baby kale highlighted by a smooth finish
2. Velvet Spice Blend – A mix of bok choy and mizuna that brings a mustardy heat to the table
3. Sweet Sunrise Greens & Herb Blend – A blend of beet leaves, greens, and fennel offers subtle sweet licorice and cool earthy notes
4. Wild Wasabi Baby Arugula – A baby arugula with seductive spice and subtle hints of summer citrus and black pepper

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