Watch panel discussion about COVID-19’s impact on childcare resources in Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard on May 31, 2020

Emails Menlo Park City Council member Ray Mueller: “Grateful to Build Up San Mateo Director Christine Padilla, Community Equity Collaborative  Executive Director Dayna Chung, Toddle Preschool owner Heather Hopkins, and HeadsUp Child Development Center owner Chuck Bernstein who sat down with me yesterday to discuss COVID-19’s impact on childcare resources in Menlo Park and the region.

“Our childcare resources were already disappearing at an alarming rate in our community, but now the problem is amplified by COVID-19, creating alarming downstream impacts to gender and socioeconomic professional opportunity (equity) and child cognitive development (public health).

“Beyond the important policy discussion, really enjoyed the nuts and bolts description of how child care centers are being run during the Pandemic.

“Very appreciative to the panel participants for sharing their time. You can view the panel discussion here.

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