San Mateo County added to state COVID-19 Watch List Runway today

by Linda Hubbard on July 29, 2020

Local businesses may be facing new restrictions with San Mateo County being added what is now called the California COVID-19 Watch List Runway.

“I’d like to point out a subtle but important change made today to the State’s county monitoring website,” emailed  CEO John M. Hutar of San Mateo County Silicon Valley.  “The State has now eliminated its ‘Less Than 3 Days on Watch List’ category on its website. The corresponding terminology has also changed. San Mateo County is now referred to as being on the ‘Watch List Runway’.

“This new method of categorizing has become very frustrating for businesses. If infection statistics do not improve in the next three days, San Mateo County could be placed directly on the watch list as early as August 1, 2020, and businesses in affected sectors (retail, wineries, hair and nail salons, fitness centers to name a few) will need cease operation or shift to an outside service model, if allowed…Please continue to check the State’s site for updates.”

County officials believe that the local case rate will not decrease by Saturday and urge businesses and the community to prepare now for the additional restrictions.

The County is up to 5,306 total cases after reporting 108 more today. There were 998 new cases reported in the last 14 days, and four new deaths. The county’s case rate today, based on a 14-day rolling average, is 110.4 positive cases per 100,000 of population; it needs to be under 100.

Indoor operations at restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, and card rooms were ordered closed earlier this month.

”This is all about saving lives, but no one aspires to be on the state’s monitoring list,” said San Mateo Country Supervisor David Canepa. “This could potentially cripple our economy.” He indicated that he plans to introduce a proposal to fine people who refuse to wear masks, similar to a plan just approved in Contra Costa County.

Meanwhile a reminder: Please wear a face mask whenever you are in a public space.

Photo by Jitze Couperus taken at Menlo Park Farmers Market(c)2020

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