Witch circle debuts in Menlo Park in time for Halloween

by Linda Hubbard on October 8, 2020

The latest occupants of a house on Oak Knoll Lane are treating the neighborhood to jaunty circle of witches.

Housemate Maggie McGraw filled us in via email: “We couldn’t be more thrilled that someone in the neighborhood took notice. Our house consists of five women, all of whom recently graduated from Stanford University. The witches in our front yard are very special to us not only because they spruce up our curb appeal a bit, but because we are hoping they can offer some Halloween cheer for children in the neighborhood.

“Originally, I purchased the witches to place in the front yard and represent the five members of our house, the self-proclaimed witches (the sixth member representing a beloved witchy mother of one of our residents).”

They do make us smile every time we walk by. Welcome to the neighborhood, witches!

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2020


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