Charlotte Anthony’s latest project is decorative stickers

by Linda Hubbard on October 11, 2020

It was just a year ago that we interviewed Hillview School student Charlotte Anthony upon publication of her book, Loud.

Now she has a new project – decorative stickers. Charlotte emails: “I am concerned about safety during holiday celebrations, so I created a line of holiday themed stickers to encourage kids to keep wearing a mask while celebrating.

“These cute seasonal stickers are meant to remind kids to wear a mask during Halloween and the holiday season. I have also created a 6-foot sticker in a choice of autumn or holiday colors for people to use in businesses, classrooms, and public spaces to help remember to keep your distance.

“I’ve already shipped stickers to individuals, teachers, and small business owners in 12 states!”

We show Charlotte’s Halloween stickers here. See her complete collection online.


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