Gary Dillabough’s non-profit San Jose Ships Kits distributes produce to 25 food banks

by Linda Hubbard on November 17, 2020

Atherton resident Gary Dillabough and his company Urban Community created the non-profit San Jose Ship Kits Inc. in March, 2020. The goal was to provide kits stocked with medical, nutritional and emotional support for those who had been affected by the shelter-in-place mandate, an effort that’s continued even after the mandate was lifted.

A byproduct was job creation through the assembly and delivery of kits. The components of the kits are sourced locally when possible.

Urban Community and its partners have now served more than 16,000 families with these kits. The target audience is families with children age six to 12 as well as hourly wage earners.

In time for the holiday season, San Jose Ship Kits has secured 950,000 pounds of produce (equates to around 800,000 meals) for more than 25 food banks.

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