Peninsula Clean Energy announces Home Upgrade Program including no-cost appliance electrification

by Contributed Content on September 29, 2021

Peninsula Clean Energy has launched an effort to provide income-qualified San Mateo County residents with no-cost appliance electrification, energy-efficiency and other home repairs and upgrades.

The Home Upgrade Program will focus on critical needs for income-qualified residents who own single-family homes that use methane gas or propane for heating or cooking and who would otherwise be unable to afford the repairs and upgrades. These upgrades include both clean electrification and efficiency as well as other repairs to improve the health and safety of the homes.

It will fill gaps left by existing income-qualified programs that either do not fund certain electrification or other health and safety improvements, or do not cover all or most of the cost of the install. Eligible upgrades include window and door repair and replacement; stairs and hand railing repairs; replacing old carpet with flooring; removing mold, asbestos and other hazards; and installing electric appliances, such as heat pump water heaters and dryers. Peninsula Clean Energy’s program will also leverage other programs to maximize the extent of the home improvements.

The goal is to assist 200 homes over two years, at an expected average budget per home of $6,500.The first 20 homes upgraded in the program will help establish additional program structure that can be used moving forward, including standardized processes, contractor and other cost data.

Apply for the program and get for more information on eligibility and other details online.

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