Hillview French students place in Le Grand Concours competition

by Parke Treadway on June 11, 2022

Hillview Middle School French students of teacher Amy Kingsley in French 1A, French 1 and French 2 took part earlier this spring in the 87th annual event Le Grand Concours, a competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. The students took a 60 minute test which consisted of multiple choice grammar and vocabulary questions and a listening section.

Over 42,000 students in elementary, middle and high schools competed in the 2022 event and Hillview Middle School has 16 medal winners for students who ranked between 1st and 13th in the nation.

AATF President Eileen Walvoord indicated in her press release: “These students have demonstrated excellence in their study of French and are to be highly commended. With their teachers, they have used the French language to engage with authentic documents and individuals around the world to explore cultures as diverse as Mali and Monaco, Senegal and Switzerland, Tunisia and Togo. The superior level of language achievement that they have attained will serve them well as they use these linguistic and communication skills throughout their personal and professional lives interacting with diverse peoples and cultures around the world and in their own communities.”

Information about the National French Contest may be online.

Hillview’s winners are:
Level 01
Balian Vallado – Silver medal
Luna Ye – Bronze medal

Level 1
Lilia Wilkiewicz – Silver medal
Sofia Overby – Silver medal
Kaia Moore – Bronze medal
Soral Stone – Bronze medal

Level 2
Axel Pilette (pictured) – Platinum medal – Division C (student with one French-speaking parent) – ranked 1st in the nation with 100%
Noam Bertot – Silver medal – Division C (student with one French-speaking parent)
Matilda Smart – Silver medal
Kealy Bryman – Silver medal
Felix Morgan – Silver medal
Anneliese Rassbach – Bronze medal
Viet-Tran Do – Bronze medal
Violet Yick – Bronze medal
Hannah Walker – Bronze medal

Level 3
Yuri Pruett – Gold medal

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