Atherton resident Priyanka Rana participates in Silicon Valley Sculpture 2022 this weekend

by Linda Hubbard on September 21, 2022

Floating is the title of this sculpture by Atherton resident Priyanka Rana which will be on display at the Silicon Valley Sculpture fair this weekend on the Menlo College campus. The theme this year is Water. SVS2022 benefits Menlo Park Public Art.

“My maternal grandparents lived in the arid, dessert region of India,” explains Priyanka. “For SVS2022, I wanted to touch upon that old world knowledge they had about water conservation for my inspiration. I then came upon the layout of a floating city in Maldives, designed
to overcome the issue of rising water levels due to climate change.

“Maldives is one of the most suseptable nations to this issue. The floating city co-exists with the surrounding corals and intends to address affordable housing for the community. This concept reminded me of the traditional house boats in the northern region of India and the water towns in China I had visited. Design for the city draws inspiration from brain coral.

“Unlike other urban plans, this design is asymmetrical at both unit and larger level. Giving it a more organic composition. These aspects of the city’s design influenced this sculpture. Through this piece I hope to initiate conversations about climate change solutions that are both innovative and bold.”

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