Ravenswood Classroom Partners heads into new school year with expanded programs and personnel

by Linda Hubbard on September 26, 2022

With the school year 2022-23 gets underway with fewer COVID restrictions, both the Ravenswood City School District and the classroom volunteer organization that supports it, Ravenswood Classroom Partners (RCP), look forward to more “normal” operations and anticipated additions. The additions include a new Program Director, an expanded TK program  fully supported by RCP volunteers, and the second year of fully-aligned district science support gets underway.

Program Director Cristiana Freed, a Menlo Park resident and former educator, is the newest team member. She is responsible for collaborating with Ravenswood District Staff to understand their curriculum and best ways for the nearly 150 volunteers of RCP to support teachers in delivering engaging lessons and students in reaching their academic potential. RCP uses only district-directed curriculum and supports, making it a true partner in the district’s efforts.

RCP is increasing its support for the district’s new TK classrooms as the state expands early childhood education to reach all four year olds. Each district teacher TK-5th grade may have at least three volunteers each week in their classrooms. As RCP and the district map out best strategies for supporting these young learners, many lessons learned from over 14 years of partnership in the older grades will prove useful. It is especially important to reach the youngest learners as early support is known to have the greatest long-term impact.

For the second year, RCP also supports teachers with science instruction. Volunteers assist students who are immersed in hands-on labs and design challenges such as building sundials, testing paper plane designs, and tinkering with materials to create sounds. The addition of science is a win-win as it encourages volunteers with STEM backgrounds to join the team, and provides crucial support to teachers beyond the language arts curriculum.

RCP offers regular classroom support and with the district’s other needs such as iPad distribution, the meal program, and English Learner testing. Community members interested in supporting teachers and students in Ravenswood schools are invited to learn more about volunteering with RCP. Training begins in September with the first day in classrooms in early October. Please learn more at ravenswoodclassroompartners.org today.

Photos courtesy of RCP:  (top) RCP volunteer Carolyn Bowsher, who is also the Board President of Ravenswood Education Foundation is shown with student.. (bottom) Volunteer Mary Kelly doing a science project at Costaño School. Both are Menlo Park residents.

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