Erik Burmeister’s MPCSD journey comes full circle

by Parke Treadway on December 20, 2022

Dewey O’Haugemeister returned to Hillview as a guest teacher today!

Dewey (Danielle, Erik & Willy Educating You) is a mythical teacher designed when Erik Burmeister was principal of Hillview from 2012-2015 and Willy Haug and Daneille O’Brien rounded out the Hillview administrative team. They collaborated to teach a section of eighth grade social studies one year when the schedule necessitated one more teacher and all three are credentialed in that subject. Hence, O’Haugemeister was born.

Fittingly, today during a critical need for substitute teachers at Hillview, Erik and Willy both took a break from their district positions to join current Hillview principal Danielle O’Brien as all three returned to the classroom to cover math, science, and PE classes.

As Erik prepares to leave Menlo Park City School District (MPCSD), he got to spend a day teaching at the school which first welcomed him to the district 10 1/2 years ago. When Erik left Hillview to join the district office team, Willy Haug served as Hillview’s principal for seven years before becoming MPCSD’s Director of Technology & Innovation. Danielle O’Brien stepped in as Hillview’s Interim Principal this year.

Seeing the three colleagues, leaders, and friends back together again was a special moment and a testament to the strength of MPCSD’s past, present, and future leadership.

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