Spotted: Ms. Rosa the Laurel School crossing guard back on duty

by Linda Hubbard on December 20, 2022

Parents and children on their way to Laurel School’s lower campus — and teens on their way to M-A — welcomed much-loved Ms. Rosa back to her crossing guard post after her absence due to illness.

There was good news on another front, according to the Laurel School newsletter:

“Not only does Ms. Rosa take care to ensure students cross the busy road of Ringwood safely, she also goes way beyond to make sure students feel loved. She knows the names of all the students who regularly cross at her spot. Their notes and artwork cover her refrigerator at home. She also takes care of the teachers by leaving little bags of lemons or persimmons from her backyard trees by their cars.

“It’s not just elementary students who love Ms. Rosa — M-A High School students adore her, too! Ms. Rosa stays 15 minutes longer than she is paid for her crossing guard duties at the elementary school because she wants to be on her corner to say hello to the M-A High School students as they pass by. Everywhere that Rosa goes she makes the world a better place by her generous spirit and loving nature.

“Rosa does have a hearing problem and has been waiting for a hearing appointment at Costco. She was nominated by four Laurel staff members to receive a free hearing aide from Pacific Hearing Service and Ms. Rosa’s story touched the committee so much that she won the award! We will love to see her able to hear properly so she can be fully involved in all her activities.”

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2022

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