Safe Streets safety pilot to take place on Middlefield Road

by Contributed Content on May 5, 2023

Beginning in late 2022 and continuing into 2023, CalWater has been replacing a water main on Middlefield Road. As part of this work, CalWater is repaving a significant portion of Middlefield Road between Ravenswood Avenue and Willow Road.

The City is using this opportunity of more extensive repaving than anticipated to address concerns about traffic safety, speeds and pedestrian safety. The current road is two lanes in each direction (four lanes total), with driveways intermittently on both sides of the street and no median/divider in most locations.

The City will be piloting changes to the lane markings to convert this section to three lanes (one in each direction plus a center turn lane). This will separate left turns (including for driveways), and can maintain roadway capacity and increase safety by separating vehicles traveling at different speeds. View a simplified concept of the striping changes(PDF, 1MB) .

Pavement markings will be installed in early May 2023 and will be done using paint to preserve the opportunity to modify the pilot without having to grind the pavement. The CalWater repaving project does not include a several areas of Middlefield Road where there are medians. The City anticipates repaving these segments within the next two years, including permanent striping along the entire road.

The pilot evaluation will take place over the next six months, with data collection anticipated in the fall. Data collection will include traffic collisions, traffic volumes, bicycle and pedestrian use, and vehicle queues. Staff will also conduct observations of the road and conduct public outreach, including public meetings and a survey.

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