Poem: Sunrise Over Burgess Pool

by Galaxy Starborn on July 27, 2023

Yawning sky stretches over waking waters
as I wrestle
on the banks of dream-time
with quixotic blues
and wonder if shadows will reign
over our foggy Earth-brains
or if the sun,
doodling in yellow highlighter,
will one day write a code
for universal peace.

A train of roaring doubts
nearly derails me,
then fades into the distance
as my swim-capped head
bows down, at last,
to the Muse of the Crystalline Deep.

Immersed in liquid rainbows,
dancing on the temple tiles below,
suddenly I am a mercreature,
a sea-star,
a submarine with goggles,

and the sparkle of sunken treasure chests
slowly opening at the bottom
of a clear-quartz pool
ignites bubbles of joy.

Trembling, my cupped hands cradle
ancient pearls, long-hidden,
as I float towards a beaming sun.

Standing dripping at last
on the banks of a New World,
I bless these resurrected temple jewels
while the train of destiny
sounds a strident horn.

Galaxy Starborn (ze/zir) is a local creative writer who started writing poetry and short stories at the age of 5.  Born and raised on the East Coast, Galaxy moved out to the Bay Area for graduate school in 2004 and and has been living and writing out here ever since.  Galaxy contributed a personal narrative to the anthology Soul Biz, published in 2022 on Amazon.  An inspirational writer, speaker, and soul coach, Galaxy is committed to uplifting you on your life journey. 

Photo by Tricia Teason (c) 2021

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