The City of Menlo Park will resume enforcement of the residential overnight parking ordinance starting Monday, August 3, at 2:00 am. The two-week grace period begins Tuesday, July 21, where a warning will be placed on a vehicle left overnight on a street.

Menlo Park suspended enforcement in March 2020 amid the coronavirus crisis, and at the finalization of the budget discussions, the City Council agreed that the overnight parking enforcement program would continue. The resumption of overnight parking enforcement is as a result of complaints and concerns from residents and business owners regarding vehicles occupying parking spots for extended periods, abandoned vehicles and long-term street storage of cars, as well as the increase of crowded streets where annual overnight parking permit holders cannot park their vehicles.

The Menlo Park overnight parking ordinance states that the parking of any vehicle is prohibited between the hours of 2:00 to 5:00 am on any residential street, or within 300 feet of any residential area in Menlo Park. The parking ordinance is in effect seven days a week (city observed holidays exempted).

In order to avoid being issued a citation, parked vehicles must have a valid overnight parking permit displayed or a valid DMV issued disabled person placard or disabled person license plates.

Temporary overnight parking permits are available for purchase online or in-person through our communications dispatch center at the police department. We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for permits.

Certain addresses in Menlo Park may qualify for an annual overnight parking permit. Qualifying addresses are limited to those apartment buildings that lack adequate off-street parking spaces (less than two spaces per unit) and are zoned R3. To see if your address qualifies and has permits available, please email [email protected] If eligible to purchase an annual permit, the cost is $150.

The annual permit cycle begins September 1 and expires August 31 of the following year. Permit costs are prorated by month if purchased after the onset of a permit cycle. You can choose to purchase or renew online. Current annual overnight parking permit holders will have their annual permit (September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021) renewed at no charge.


Spotted: Spartan car near Oak Knoll School

Out walking the dog this morning, we came upon a spiffy looking white roadster parked near Oak Knoll School called a Spartan. Our companion immediately identified it as “a kit car,” and he was correct, even though neither of us had every heard of a Spartan before. Here’s more thanks to Wikipedia: “Spartan Cars was […]

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Spotted: Is “Mr. Tiger” hanging out in Menlo Park

On a morning walk, we stumbled upon a van with the license plate Kaline6. Could it be that Hall of Fame Al Kaline, known as “Mr. Tiger” for his long time association with the Detroit Tigers, is in town? Alas, not. It’s the van owned by Tiger fanatic Colt Rosensweig, Menlo Park dog walker extraordinaire. […]

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Take a look at this gorgeous orange Oldsmobile 88

We stumbled upon this stunning classic Oldsmobile 88 parked on Santa Cruz Avenue this morning. While the license plate stated “1947” a quick Wikipedia search revealed that the model wasn’t made until 1949. So we’re a bit confused so hoping so car aficionado – or even better the owner – can add some clarity. Here’s […]

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Spotted: Perfect 4th of July car

On our way to the parade downtown we passed what we think it the perfect 4th of July car.  Alas, we didn’t catch the make, but it’s owner’s name is on the door – Menlo Park watchmaker Franz Lorist – so we’ll find out more about the car and its history next time we’re near […]

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M&R Automotive celebrates 50 years in Menlo Park

Take a quick look at the Yelp reviews and it’s clear why M&R Automotive has been in business for 50 years in Menlo Park — great mechanics, great service and fair prices. Today the repair business is overseen by Henry Ma, who first came to work there in 1992 under then owner Wes NcNay, who […]

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Who owns this beautiful turquoise blue Nash automobile?

Update: InMenlo reader Serena Torrey Roosevelt emailed: “It’s not a metropolitan. I think this is the Greenbriar wagon.” We spotted this beautifully-restored Nash twice today — first parked on Santa Cruz Avenue near the farmers market and then being driven on Oak Avenue going west. We weren’t the only ones who stopped to take photos […]

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Spotted: 1956 Chevrolet Corvette convertible in downtown Menlo Park

Update: We were incorrect! Paul Pollock, the Corvette Story Webmaster – – tells us it’s a 1958 Corvette. See his full note in the comments section. At least we think it’s a 1956 Chevrolet Corvette convertible that was spotted parked on Santa Cruz Avenue this morning in downtown Menlo Park. A quick Wikipedia search says the ’56 […]

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What is that truck doing on the ground? Menlo Fire Captain Seth Johnson explains

We were on assignment with InMenlo contributing photographer Irene Searles when we came upon an astonishing — and puzzling — sight. Parked in the driveway of the new fire station on Oak Grove Avenue was an old Chevy truck whose chassis was completely touching the ground. We’d seen “low riders,” but this was taking it […]

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Wow – the famous LincVolt makes an appearance in Menlo Park

Setting the stage on this one: Your spouse is parking at the Stanford Park Hotel in advance of dinner at the Menlo Grill in a space next to where the electric cars plug in. Both being of a certain age, they remember the boat-sized cars of the late 50s and early 60s, so take notice […]

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Spotted: Duke the dog riding high in 1928 Ford Model A

We spotted Duke, a big yellow Labrador Retriever, on our way to the farmers market this morning. Or rather we would saw we spotted his ride, a 1928 Ford Model A. His owner said the truck has been in his family for years and that he’d taken his driver’s license driving it. We think Duke did a […]

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