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All we wanted was a duvet. Who knew they come in so many different makes and models? There are humidity-fighting duvets, alternative duvets, duvets that keep you warm, duvets that keep you cool. It’s complicated, sometimes, shopping for a duvet — and many other products.

At food stores, for instance, there’s low-fat, reduced-fat, low-sodium, gluten-free and dairy-free foods. Plus, organic, farm-grown, locally-grown and foreign-sourced items. You can go nuts deciding what to get. And almost daily, there’s some new study that further complicates everything. Various foods that are good for you one day, for some reason, aren’t so healthy, only a few days later.

Have you pondered pixels, gigabytes and megabytes, lately? If you’ve shopped for a TV, a smart phone or a computer, pixels —and such — can complicate your shopping decision. Do you choose a TV with more pixels, a computer with more gigs? There’s just so much to think about.

But, is so much getting to be too much? I was thinking about that, working my way through economic news, recently. The 10-year yield trading below the 3-month yield, apparently, was concerning. As was the spread dropping to a low of minus 14.26 basis points. On top of that, an inversion had happened for a long period of time — for the first time in a long time. There was some debate about quantitative easing versus quantitative tightening. I felt a headache coming on, plowing through so much (maybe too much?) information.

Compared to economic news, I guess duvets, food choices, pixels, gigs and megabytes aren’t so overwhelming, after all?

There’s something else I’ve been noticing more and more. Maybe you have, too. When you’re online reading article, you get to the end of a paragraph and in the fraction of a second before you get to the next paragraph, everything seems to shift, sometimes up, sometimes down. You lose your place.

Is it the advertising, increasingly showing up in articles, that’s causing this? Just this morning on my smart phone, I noticed ads sort of pulsating, apparently expanding and contracting, as words and visuals were being updated.

Is that why we’re losing our place so much?

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Spotted: Humongous artichokes at Menlo Park Farmers Market

The artichokes that Northridge Farms brought to the Menlo Park Farmers Market today were so big it was impossible to pass by without snapping a photo. Luckily, they were next to some regularly-sized strawberries just to give them something to compare to. Northridge is a family farm located in Monterrey County. More on its history […]

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Menlo Park couple own and operate Leather Leather Furniture Gallery on El Camino

Not sure what it is about family-owned furniture stores in Menlo Park; there have been a number over the years. Since 2003, this has included Leather Leather Furniture Gallery on El Camino, owned and operated by Willows residents Tricia and Sean Mulcahy. [Note: Yes, there are two leathers; Sean knew a company in Texas that went […]

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Spotted: Menlo Park’s other lighted holiday trees

Thumbnail image for Spotted: Menlo Park’s other lighted holiday trees

While there is no tree lighting festivity at the two lighted trees on the corner of El Camino and Ravenswood, they are contemporaries of the holiday tree in Fremont Park, debuting in 2013. According to Mayor Ray Mueller, the lights are re-hung each year and the Cornerstone building provides the power. Photo by Linda Hubbard […]

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Small Business Saturday coming to Menlo Park on Nov. 24

It’s usually the big shopping day after Thanksgiving that gets all the publicity, but there is also Small Business Saturday on November 24, 2018! To help support this initiative and make the term Small Business Saturday as popular as Black Friday, the City of Menlo Park is asking you to join millions of Americans to […]

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Tian Mayimin brings artisan bread to the Menlo Park Farmers Market

At last, there’s bread to buy at the Menlo Park Farmers Market. Very good bread baked in a Willows neighborhood kitchen that’s been certified by the County of San Mateo. The baker is Tian Mayimin, who we sat down with on a recent Sunday after what she’d brought to the market was sold out (as […]

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Lee’s Bees return to Cafe Zoë this Saturday with more honey products

Heather and Jason, the two Willows neighborhood kids behind Lee’s Bees, make their second annual appearance at Cafe Zoë on August 18 from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. They’re offering an expanded product list, all created — or inspired — from the honey made by bees in their grandmother’s backyard. Sandy Lee started the hives […]

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Father’s Day special on EZStart® Charcoal Chimney invented by Menlo Park resident Bill Mince

We visited with Menlo Park resident Bill Mince when he was still developing and testing his EZStart® Charcoal Chimney, which eliminates the use of lighter fluid and the need to pour out hot coals. Adds Bill: “By using the EcoStart® Disk, made of environmental friendly pulp paper we eliminate chemical odors from lighter fluid and flying […]

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Spotted: Dazzling display of ranunculus at Menlo Park Farmers Market

How could you not stop at Tony Cozzolino’s dazzling display of ranunculus flowers at this morning’s Menlo Park Farmers Market. It may still be winter but the “rose of spring” had arrived! Equally dazzling were his tulips, many of which were still sealed shut, waiting to open until they landed in a buyer’s home. We […]

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Spotted: New vendor – Smit Farms – at Menlo Park Farmers Market

We stopped at the Smit Farms booth this morning at the Menlo Park Farmers Market, the second week the primarily apple grower from Linden, CA, has been there. The farm has been supplying tree fruit that has been sustainably grown to Certified Farmer’s Markets since 1969. Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2018 

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Jill Layman opens gallery that showcases art along with providing space for events

In Jill Layman’s mind, the opening of her art and event space in downtown Menlo Park was “like the universe snowballing in the right direction.” “I’d considered going back to the corporate world and also thought about opening a cheese shop,” she said. “Both times, I hit a wall. But with A.Space, everything just came […]

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