June 2009

WiFi addendum

by Chris Gulker on June 30, 2009

We’re blogging this courtesy of the free WiFi at the new Peet’s, in the recently rebuilt shopping center at Middle and El Camino.

The signal is strong and stable, and the sign-on experience is much better – the code (ask the barista at time of purchase) is half as long as was once the case at the old Peet’s, anyway, and is good for 2 hours. This Peet’s opened yesterday and it’s already busy…

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The Fourth loometh

And what would July 4th in Menlo be without the very family-friendly Burgess Park Parade and Celebration? All manner of movable object, from tricycle to float will descend on the park from 11:30 to 3:00 PM for music, games and food. Later in the day, Menloites will be jockeying for position at sea level east […]

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Concours de hot

Today’s charity Concours d’Elegance at Stanford seemed to be progressing apace despite temperatures in the high 90s today. The many classic and exotic cars on display were quite literally hot, hot, hot (it’s aleady been mentioned that this event draws an exception to our normally strict only-in-94025 rule).

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Sunday morning at the Farmer’s Market

The forecast was for another hot day in Menlo. And indeed the day dawned hot, and summer was definitely in the air at the weekly Farmer’s Market, a showcase of booths offering local, organic produce. The InMenlo ‘secret shopper’ was spotted making the rounds, searching for fresh and flavorful offerings (although the photo will remain […]

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The ‘telemetry’ in our West Menlo garden says it all… very warm day here in Menlo…

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Sign of Summer

A couple years ago, Menlo Hardware (and maybe some other local stores) were selling these bright, small reminders that there are a lot of children afoot in many Menlo neighborhoods. This one was spotted while taking a morning walk up Bay Laurel, in front of a house that was teeming with kids and at least […]

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Signs define the times

This moment in the passage from Santa Cruz Avenue to the public parking lot by the downtown post office seemed to say it all: unemployed man with his sign, unrented space with its sign, and of course this passage runs past the (failed) Washington Mutual Bank, whose signs have been hastily covered over with those […]

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Summer comes to Mike’s Cafe

A benefit to living in West Menlo is that it’s a quick trip out to Ladera (technically unicorporated San Mateo County with a MP address). The shopping area on Alpine Road was renovated – thanks to new ownership – a couple of years ago and has a number of outdoor dining choices that are perfect […]

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Talk the talk, walk the block

The first of this year’s downtown Menlo block parties drew a multi-generational crowd to hear ‘the world’s greatest aging garage bands’ and the Stanford band, pictured, when they weren’t walking Santa Cruz Ave., chatting and sampling the food and wine of the many downtown restaurants that grew into the avenue for the evening. More pictures […]

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Block party tomorrow

The sign says it all… hopefully everbody will come for this fun event (walk and bike are the best ways, BTW).  If you’re not in a party mood, best to avoid downtown altogether.

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No longer exclusively Menlo

Lulu’s on the Alameda was an instant hit when it opened on the corner of Gordon in 2005 – and it’s popularity has not waned. It’s an easy place in West Menlo to grab some ‘to go’ food or eat outside on the pleasant patio during the warmer months – and they also offer catering. […]

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