Update: Eco Rebates expands into green building products, HVAC and electronics

by Linda Hubbard on February 1, 2011

Eco Rebates, the Menlo Park-based startup that automates Energy Star appliance rebates for consumers is now powering rebates on green building products, HVAC, and electronics as well.

According to CEO Brett Battles, the company’s focus has both changed and remained the same since he first talked to InMenlo last year. “Our main mission continues to be to help people reduce their home energy consumption. But our focus has shifted from a consumer portal to working with large retailers, manufacturers, and utilities.”

“We want to make sure everyone who’s shopping for an appliance can get all the rebates and incentives they can based on their geographic area. Sometimes there are multiple rebates on just one appliance.”

“Purchase price is still number one in consumers’ decision-making process. But by taking advantage of rebates, you can get a Lexus for the price of a Toyota.”

Appliance rebates range from $50-$200. Only a small portion of shoppers use them because the process has been confusing, time-consuming and under-promoted. Eco Rebates internet software  simplifies the process.

“Through partners like Sears and Best Buy, we’ve now seen 2.5 million local rebate searches,” said Brett. “Shoppers are more environmentally aware, and when given the opportunity to ‘go green’ and save on average $70 per qualifying item, it impacts their purchase behavior.”

Local consumers interested in researching potential rebates for Menlo Park and Atherton can search on the Best Buy and Sears websites. Here’s an example showing one rebate for a front-loading washer.

Photo by Chris Gulker

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