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Pediatric allergist Dr. Kari Nadeau (pictured center above) understands allergies not just from her medical training but from first hand experience.

“I grew up on a houseboat in New Jersey and became allergic to molds,” she says. “That led to terrible asthma attacks. At times, my life was terrible.”

As a teenager she began to think about a career in medicine. “I began driving an ambulance when I was 16 and learned a lot about medicine. My love of science continued at Haverford College, and I was lucky to have some great mentors while pursuing a PhD and MD.”

Today, Kari is Director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University and also an entrepreneur and innovator cofounding Menlo Park-based Before Brands in 2016  and inventor of Spoonfulone, a food allergy protection system.

For her work as physician, researcher and innovator, Kari is being honored this evening at a fundraising event for Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) at the Menlo Circus Club  to support FARE’s advocacy efforts that bring needed attention to food allergy research, innovation, care, prevention, and cures.

“Food allergies are increasing,” Kari says. “And once you have allergies, you live in fear of food.”

The increase is due to a number of factors including dry skin, detergents, not enough good dirt, and DNA, with 75% tied to a family history.

She advocates a food allergy protection plan that begins as early as four to six months with a diverse diet of the most commonly allergenic foods. The age-appropriate SpoonfulOne products are available online.

“Our latest study showed that the product is very safe and that there are no side effects,” Kari says. “We’ve worked with over 700 babies.”

A new book about ending food allergies is due out in April.

Photo courtesy of Stanford 

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MyNabes is designed to help build strong, friendly neighborhoods

Last fall, Menlo Oaks resident Elodie Bottine (pictured left in photo) teamed up with her friend Raluca Perkins to launch a mobile app called My Nabes. “It promotes mutual-aid between neighbors — a way to share services or items, help one another and get to know each other better,” explains Elodie. With MyNabes you can […]

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Spotted: Menlo Park startup Drop Water’s kiosk at SFO Terminal 2

Menlo Park-based start up Drop Water is filling the void at SFO which yesterday put in place a policy banning single-use plastic water boles with a capacity of 1 liter or less at vending machines, restaurants and cafes. A machine manufactured by Drop Water, which creates made-to-order drinks in 100% compostable bottles predominantly made of […]

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Adriano Farano’s goal is to bring back “living bread’

Adriano Farano, a journalist by trade who came to California from Paris on a Knight Fellowship at Stanford, is on a mission to create what he calls “living bread.” “As a journalist, I try to question assumptions and dig  to find answers,” he said, sitting in the backyard of his Menlo Park home. “While there’s […]

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Menlo Park “kids” grow up to launch business maintaining scooters

Two guys with Menlo Park roots — Rich Branning and Nate Thomas — have banded together in Southern California to launch a new business that is quickly spreading nationwide “The focus is the Last Mile Space,” said Rich. “Scooters are more prevalent here than in the Bay Area. The novelty is to ride the scooter somewhere […]

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Soody Tronson works to bring to market a line of smart nursing bras to make mothers’ lives easier

Menlo Park resident Soody Tronson describes herself as an “engineer and problem solver,” although her career path has been broader than that, including practicing law at Hewlett-Packard Inc. along with numerous technical and management positions. Her latest venture is Presque, which is French for “almost, nearly.”  She founded the company in 2016 with the goal of developing […]

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Trish Costello created Portfolia specifically for women investors

Trish Costello describes herself as Kansas farm girl who happened to be in the right place at the right time — and then as many entrepreneurs do — got lucky. “It was serendipitous to be backed,” she says about the first company she founded in the children’s health space some years ago on the East […]

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Spotted: Menlo Park start up Drop Water kiosk at San Jose Airport

Last Wednesday morning, the Drop Water team wheeled a kiosk into the San Jose Airport for installation in Terminal B. The kiosk is the first of its kind — it makes and bottles drinks on demand, in 100% compostable bottles. The company is the brainchild of Scott Edwards, CEO of Drop Water who was profiled […]

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Melody Hu launches Petit Bakery with Asian mochi the “secret sauce”

A new bakery springs from the prolific rental kitchen of Studio Cake in Menlo Park. At the beginning of the year, Melody Hu launched her patisserie business, Petit Bakery Co. A native of Taiwan who moved to the Bay Area in her teens, she admits to falling into — rather than planning — her newest […]

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Sloane Citron is back in the world of magazines with the launch of Punch

Last week, many homeowners in InMenlo’s coverage area received a brand new magazine on their walkway or driveway called Punch. The editorial focus should be familiar: It’s all about the Peninsula, stretching from San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean, from Burlingame to Mountain View, the “true Peninsula.” And while the magazine is new, the […]

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Menlo Park startup, Dropwater, introduces new way to distribute and sell bottled drinks

Four Cal Poly San Luis Obispo grads are currently ensconced in a Menlo Park garage working on a solution to up-end the plastic bottled water industry. Scott Edwards, CEO (pictured top in the garage) of the startup Dropwater, cites some sobering statistics about the need to replace plastic water bottles with sustainable, eco-friendly alternative: “In […]

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