2010-2011 rainfall year — It’s a wrap!

by Bill Russ on June 30, 2011

The Menlo Park area received 20.8 inches of rain in the rainfall year ending today, according to my backyard gauges. That compares to 21.39″ for the 2009-2010 year. The SFO total was 22.98″ and San Jose, 15.61″ — we routinely fall between the two.

The big rainfall months were: November 2.75″, December 4.55″, February 4.75″, and March, 4.7″ January was surprisingly low at .45″. In fact, the month of June, with not quite an inch, beat January — a highly unusual occurrence. (The San Francisco Chronicle reported it was the first time this has happened since the Gold Rush began in 1849.)

I compute an average of the 14 years I have been compiling totals. This would be my ‘normal’ — that is 19.43″ and 18.77″ discarding the high and low years. Given that, the rain year 2010-2011 can be viewed as a very decent year. How did we ever have 38.6″ in 1998?

Editor’s note: Many locals have commented that this year’s rain pattern has produced an abundance of flowers and a bumper crop of roses, such as this one photographed by Scott Loftesness in June at the St. Raymond Church garden.

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