It may be blue (yes, very blue!) skies now but there was a steady drizzle early this morning, making the Dish pathways damp and the turkey feathers wet. (Side note: the youngsters are almost as big as their parents now!)

Our new-fangled digital rain gauge recorded just 0.02 inches, so but a trace.

The rain year ends on September 30 and we’ll be doing a salute to long-time weather watcher Bill Russ.

Photos by Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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Painterly portraits along the Skyline above Menlo Park on “Orange Wednesday”

Menlo Park resident Robb Most and Atherton resident Doug Klein both headed to the hilltops when the sky turned orange over the Peninsula yesterday afternoon. Doug’s photo (t0p) was taken at Russian Ridge Open Space mid-afternoon about the same time Robb was taking a photo of Windy Hill. Photos by Doug Klein and Robb Most […]

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Cooling center added in Menlo Park plus state-wide Flex Alert issued

Facebook has been added as a cooling center in addition to the Onetta Harris Community Center and Arrillaga Family Recreation Center. 1 Facebook Way, Zone 21.8 [covered parking structure] Saturday, Sunday, Monday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Vehicle parking, water bottles, hand sanitizer and face masks available. Social distancing and face coverings required. The following […]

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City of Menlo Park opens cooling centers this weekend

The City of Menlo Park is opening two cooling stations from Noon to 5:00 pm this Saturday 9/5 and every day needed during the heat advisory. The Onetta Harris Community Center  is located at 100 Terminal Avenue. The Arrillaga Recreation Center  (pictured) is located at 700 Alma Street. Safety protocols will be required including facemasks, […]

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Big redwood tree destroyed by lightning in the Willows

Emails Mari Chazen, a Willows neighborhood resident since 1995: “We lost an amazing 80 foot redwood tree to a direct lightning strike early Sunday morning. It’s amazing that none of us were hurt. “It impacted four yards/homes – the damage is hard to believe! It splintered but we could smell burning, and there are burned pieces.”

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Spotted: Smokey clouds over the western hills

This photo was taken on Sand Hill Road west of Highway 280. Given the location, presume it’s smoke from the CZU Lightning Complex fires. By this afternoon the heavy smoke that blanketed Menlo Park earlier today was largely gone. But concern the winds could fan the many San Mateo County fires that are not contained. Photo […]

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Well that was quite the overnight lightning show!

We counted three predawn distinct thunderstorms and a couple of more heard in the distance. The first came with just a little bit of rain, so what’s called dry lightning. That said, it’s a misnomer as there is rain, it just evaporates before hitting the ground. The second storm came with a drenching downpour, enough […]

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Spotted: Rain kissed rose

Laura Daschbach Pitchford spotted this very pretty rose sporting a few rain drops on her walk this morning. There was no measurable precipitation reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ. Photo by Laura Daschbach Pitchford (c) 2020

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More rain falls overnight in Menlo Park

Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ shortly before 7:00 am: “An additional .05” this morning; 8.6” season-to- date. A few sprinkles continued before bright sun emerge mid-mornings. As for Rooney the Rooster, just because he’s cheery! Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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First moisture in awhile falls on Menlo Park

Emails InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “Cotton Street is glistening with wetness!  As of 7:45 am I can report .05” for a sad season-to-date total of 8.55”. Maybe those clouds have more in store for us.” Photo wet tomato plant by Aimee Campbell taken in her Menlo Park garden

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Wet conditions make for happy worms

Menlo Park resident Robin Tobias emailed she saw more worms when out walking in her neighborhood yesterday than people, a sign that folks are sheltering in place (getting healthy exercise close to home notwithstanding!). InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ reports: “My number is .4″, bringing my total 8.5″ season to date.” Photo by Robin Tobias […]

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