By the time most of Menlo Park awoke this morning, the last of the rain showers had passed through the area, leaving behind blue skies and brisk wind that made it feel colder than mid-50s.

Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “I could hear the rain falling on the roof top during the night. Hoping for a bunch, I only found .15” as of 7:00 am. My backyard season to date is now 16.05”.

The cool temperature was not enough to dissuade Maggie the dog to enjoy every puddle between her home and downtown.

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2019

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If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes

The Midwestern adage about “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes,” has been true in Menlo Park the past few days — and holds true today. Rain, wind, sun — take your pick. Bill Russ reported this morning: “While we slept last night, we were unknowingly the glad recipients of another .4” […]

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Rain overnight – thunder and lightning during the day

What weather you are experiencing may have a lot to do with where you are within our micro-climate. One half of the Dish this morning was bathed in sunlight and featured a rainbow in the distance. The other half appeared to be drenched in showers! Reports InMenlo weather watcher earlier this morning: “During the night […]

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Wind howls and the rain pounds down overnight

Gusty winds, along with more rain, were in the weather forecast, and the prediction proved accurate. “Another .85” overnight,” emailed InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ. “Now at 14.6” season-to-date and climbing. I know folks who have to drive in heavy rain do not enjoy it. For sure the ground soil is receiving it grandly.” With […]

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Rain creates roaring San Francisquito Creek with high winds continuing

This latest storm has been sufficient to get San Francisquito Creek roaring along, although well below the San Mateo Drive bike bridge. Good to see nevertheless. Emailed InMenlo weather watchers Sally and Bill Russ early this morning: “Isn’t it wonderful to hear the rain in the night! It’s like all is right with the world. We […]

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Residents urged to prepare for next storm by keeping storm drains leaf free

With the National Weather Service forecasting more rain accompanied by high winds arriving Wednesday with continued showers though the weekend, residents are encouraged to keep storm drains clear of leaves and debris. Menlo Park’s incredible tree canopy is part of what has made it a Tree City USA for the last 18 years. That same […]

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The pattern continues – rain overnight in Menlo Park

The rain overnight turned to showers in the early morning before finally yielding to sunny skies. Reports InMenlo weather watchers Sally and Bill Russ: “The morning total is .7”, making it 12.9” season to date. InMenlo contributing photographer captured this still damp plant after the rain abated. After mis-identifying a cherry blossom for a plum […]

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A few more drops of rain overnight in Menlo Park

Reports InMenlo weather watchers Sally and Bill Russ: “A little bit more last night. The gauge had .15” this a.m. making the season to date 12.2”. What lies ahead? A friend who lives in Portola Valley reports that snow is in the forecast there tomorrow! Meanwhile, mushrooms are sprouting up all over town. Mushroom pop up after […]

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Rain keeps coming — temperature stays cool — in Menlo Park

The showers continue over Menlo Park, as do cool temperatures — in the mid-to-upper 40s. Brrr… Reports InMenlo weather watchers Sally and Bill Russ: “.3” this afternoon, bringing our back yard total to 12.05”. Keep in mind, February 2018 was stuck at 7.6″ until February 25. With plenty of days remaining in February and all […]

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Rain in Menlo – but there’s snow on top of Windy Hill!

Just rain overnight in Menlo Park, another .2” , which adds up to 11.75” season to date, according to InMenlo weather watchers Sally and Bill Russ. The bigger news is that there’s snow on Windy Hill! Menlo Park resident Kristy Holch made a special trip up the hill. She emails: “I was not the first! A family […]

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Rain keeps coming – hail, snow on the way?

PM update from Bill and Sally: “We did get scattered upon. .3” of scattering, as a matter of fact. So that makes 11.55” STD.” At the very least, it appears that umbrellas should stay in the ready over the next 24 hours, as showers will continue with a possibility of thunderstorms and hail – and […]

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