Spotted: Gaucho inspires dancers at Cafe Borrone

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on July 22, 2011

The sounds of gypsy jazz could be heard tonight (7/22) at Cafe Borrone with three members of Gaucho in the house. Founded in 2002, the [usual] sextet bases much of its repertoire on the music of Django Reinhart and the gypsy jazz of ’30s Europe, with a little New Orleans swing thrown in for good measure. This evening it was all strings with Dave Ricketts and Michael Groh on guitar and Ari Munkres on standup bass. The lack of the full band didn’t keep one couple (right in photo) from dancing to all the tunes played in the first set. Other members of Gaucho include Rob Reich on accordion, Ralph Carney on horns, and Pete Devine on drums and percussion.

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