Venice in the 1640’s – without a doubt the time to be alive. Why? With luck and a bit of wealth, you might get to hear Monteverdi’s late masterpieces as they were launched. As a close second, you can hear these pieces very soon, performed by the vocal soloists of St. Bede’s, Menlo Park, with the instrumentalists of The Albany Consort and The Whole Noyse.

The performance takes place on Sunday, Jan. 12, at 4:00 pm. Tickets ($15 to $25) are available at the door or save $5 per ticket by purchasing in advance. St. Bede’s is located at 2650 Sand Hill Road.

Four major works by Monteverdi flank the program – two from Selva Morale e spirituale, two from Madrigals of War and Love. Between the vocal works, the musicians present sonorous 4 part and 8 part sonatas and canzonas by Monteverdi’s contemporaries Frescobaldi, Gabrieli and Rossi. All told, a fabulous view into a four-century-old soundscape that is as vibrant now as it was in the day.

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Jym Marks Quintet performs at Menlo Park Library on Jan. 11

Jazz lovers unite for a free concert from the local group, the Jym Marks Quintet, at the Menlo Park Library on Saturday, Jan. 11,  from 11:00 am to noon. Marks calls his progressive jazz “a spirit that keeps seeking to change the language…players keep delivering it in their own way, hoping not to say it […]

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Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band celebrates 60th anniversary on Jan. 1, 2020

In 1960, two Stanford University roommates, Jim Harvey (pictured fourth from right above) and Don Nelson, assembled a loose cadre of friends interested in playing music and drinking beer and created what would become known as the Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band (LTWCMB). Band members and their invited guests will be celebrating the occasion […]

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The Costanza-Fong Family String Trio performs at Woodside’s First Friday on Jan. 3

The Costanza-Fong Family String Trio will be performing Iconic Works by Beethoven and Dohnany. The evening will feature performances of two brilliant works for violin, viola, and cello. The group showcases the musical talents of husband Christopher Costanza (cello) and wife Debra Fong (violin) and their daughter, Isabella Costanza (viola). Debra and Chris are Stanford […]

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Annual Gryphon Carolers holiday concert takes place Dec. 15

Marking its 38th year, this annual Gryphon Carolers holiday concert takes place at the Woodside Village Church (3154 Woodside Rd.) on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 6:30 pm. This year’s concert will feature unique vocal and band arrangements by Ed Johnson and Carol McComb with a 30 voice choir and intimate band arrangements that will stir […]

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Kitka returns with Wintersongs to St. Bede’s on Dec. 8

Wintersongs is Kitka’s critically-acclaimed and  popular winter holiday program showcasing seasonal music from a wide variety of Eastern European ethnic and spiritual traditions. The female vocal ensemble will perform at St. Bede’s Church (2650 Sand Hill Road) on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 4:00 pm. Tickets are available in advance online. For countless centuries, people around […]

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Arts at St. Bede’s presents Collage Vocal Ensemble on Nov. 24

For their ninth season, Collage Vocal Ensemble takes inspiration from that most wonderful shape — the sphere — with music by Kirke Mechem, Charles Wood, Ross Lee Finney, and Harry Belafonte, among others. At St. Bede’s Church (2650 Sand Hill Road) on November 24 at 4:00 pm, they’ll continue their tradition of mixing classical and […]

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[email protected]’s Focus Residency set for Nov. 7 and 8

[email protected]’s upcoming Focus Residency, Art Under a Tombstone, takes place on Thursday, Nov. 7, and Friday, Nov. 8. The Focus residencies delve into creative topics over two evenings, and next week explores Russia’s artistic transformation from the Romantic era to the period of Soviet oppression. Thursday evening is an immersive “Behind the Music” discussion event […]

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The Members strike a British pose this Halloween

The Members were in fine form, as always, at their annual Halloween appearance on the corner of White Oak and Lemon. Emails Allen Weiner:  “About half adopted a British theme this year. Jeff, our lead singer, was Ed Sheeran, and Rich, our bass player, was Boris Johnson. I wore a sash with my cow suit […]

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6th grade band, Struck by Lightning, plays at Cafe Zoë on Nov. 2

Struck by Lightning, a group of 6th graders who love to make music together, will be at Cafe Zoë on Saturday, Nov. 2, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. They play a variety of songs ranging from traditional rock like Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall to classic and contemporary pop songs like Gloria Gaynor’s […]

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If it’s Halloween, it’s time for the Members band!

Stop by the intersection of Lemon and Oakdell Avenues in Menlo Park to hang out with the Members and their friends and neighbors as they celebrate their 13th Annual (itself a spooky anniversary!) Halloween block party show. Stop by for some chili, a beer, and some classic rock and roll. With or without kids, with […]

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