Another great tribute to Coach Parks, this time from the M-A Bears news team: ht…

by inmenloflash on August 22, 2011

Another great tribute to Coach Parks, this time from the M-A Bears news team:


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Bruce Brunger August 24, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Saddened by the recent Passing of Coach Parks:

I was Class of 1979 at Menlo-Atherton High School, when Coach Park headed the Football and Wrestling teams there.

I’ll always have fond memories of him “torturing” us in his trademark workout conditioning circuits at MA….You could never complain because he practiced what he preached, and he was ALWAYS in motion, jogging in place even when he talked with you in a hallway, etc.

He even had abdominal surgery once (I think it was to remove a polyp or a cyst from somewhere in his abdomen, I think….painful stitches in his side)…and so we all thought we could take it easy in our PE workouts, thinking he’d be out for a week or so.

But no…..Good ol’ Coach Parks came back to class after only 1-2 days after the major surgery, surprising the heck outta us all, still jogging in place like he always did (even with stitches in his side!) yelling at us to keep exercising harder: “Guys, I’m lucky to be ALIVE, and NOW you ALL are gonna wish you we’re NEVER BORN once I get done with you on this workout circuit!” (LOL) Oh, man he made us workout SOOO hard that day! (LOL) He was great!

May he live long in our hearts and memories…He really touched us and inspired us!

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