Brandon Klapper celebrates turning 11 on 11/11/11

by Linda Hubbard on November 11, 2011

We’d love to tell you that Brandon Klapper was born at Stanford Hospital on Nov. 11, 2000, at 11:11 am, but that wouldn’t be the truth — at least the birth time.

The Oak Knoll School 5th grader, was indeed born on this date 11 years ago. So while others around the world are worrying about doomsday or heralding a new age, Menlo Park resident Brandon is celebrating his 11th birthday.

The partying began last night when he welcomed a dozen friends at a birthday party at Laser Quest. “We didn’t do paint ball because my friends’ parents wouldn’t want their kids to get bloody and hurt,” he said, in a matter of fact manner.

With no school today due to the Veteran’s Day observance, yesterday was when teachers and classmates at Oak Knoll took notice. “My PE teacher announced it in class and everyone said, ‘we know, we know,'” he said.

While Brandon said he’d like to get $11 million for his birthday, he’s more hopeful about a display case for his rock and fossil collection. Or maybe a guitar.

Tonight there will be a family celebration at Benihana Restaurant in Burlingame that unfortunately excludes the two rabbits he received for his 9th birthday, which tend to make their presence known around his house. They are part of what he recounted as lessons learned in his first 11 years on this earth, a list more heavy on “don’ts” than do “do’s”:

  • Don’t put your hand under the instant hot water faucet.
  • Don’t do belly flops off the diving board.
  • Don’t do flips on a trampoline.
  • Don’t play catcher unless you’re wearing a cup.
  • Don’t hold your bunnies unless their nails are trimmed.

Happy birthday, Brandon, and to all the other Stanford babies born this day 11 years ago!

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