Faces of Menlo

From the creative mind of Joanne Nardone, spring thousands of Joyblz — 2,500 and counting to be exact.

“They just pop out of my head,” says the Menlo Park resident who’s had a long and successful career in biotech. “I have no idea what they are going to look like. I think it’s some kind of channeling. The creative part of me wanted to get out in the world!”

Joanne makes up each of their names which all in end in “lz.” They are pronounced “joybules.”

“Each of these characters has a smile,” she says. “People tell me they bring them joy. You can call on them to get you to a happier and more joyful frequency.”

Recently Joanne put a website together featuring her Joyblz. You can meet them in person (so to speak) at Cafe Zoe on Menalto Ave. in Menlo Park where she is selling two products, an inspiration card deck along with a playing card deck.

Not surprisingly Joanne is known by many as JoyAnn. “I’m a little cheerleader,” she says, “and have always been a positive person.”

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2020

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Lucile Spurlock is newest Menlo Park Hometown Hero for getting food to those in need

What does a local hero look like? In this case, she is a diminutive 88-year-old with a big heart. Today Lucile Spurlock was named the newest Hometown Hero by Menlo Park City Council member Ray Mueller. Lucile is a regular driver for “Trinity Tuesdays, Season of Gleaning.” On Tuesday mornings from 8:00 to noon, community members […]

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Hometown Hero Maria Tanaka organizes community to bring supplies to those in need

Today’s COVID-19 Hometown Hero nominee is Menlo Park resident Maria A. Tanaka. Maria has been using Nextdoor to bring together and organize community members to bring supplies and goods to those in need. Her work started in Menlo Park and then grew virally to other locations on the Peninsula. Her inspiring journey of kindness and […]

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Sandy Guja draws from her native Peru to launch alpaca outwear brand Llamita

In launching the luxury alpaca outerwear brand Llamita, Menlo Park resident Sandy Guja says she’s combined “all the things I really love.” Sandy was born in Peru, moving to New York when she was three but visiting her native country every summer to visit relatives. “I went to the Andes and watched the handweaving of alpaca caps […]

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Banyan Tree Women’s Collective launches with free series of wellness workshops

Melissa Fabreo-Montelongo co-founded the non-profit Banyan Tree Women’s Collective with one thing top of mind – to give access to wellness/fitness choices to a wide and diverse group of people. “Living here in Menlo Park, access is really reserved for certain groups, those who can afford to pay,” she says. “But I don’t want anyone […]

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Jesse Cool and Flea Street Cafe feted on the restaurant’s 40th anniversary

Four decades ago, before sundried tomatoes and kale were trendy, before chefs were celebrities, and before sustainability was a buzzword, there was Jesse Ziff Cool. Cool, a self-described hippie chick and untrained cook, found her way to the Bay Area and founded one of the nation’s first organic restaurants, Menlo Park’s Late for the Train, […]

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Menlo Pilates & More is closing

Fran Philips emailed us that she is closing Menlo Pilates & More. “Gyms and fFitness centers cannot open to indoor activities,” she wrote. “You can however do sessions outside, however my building does not have facilities to do this. So with a heavy heart I wanted to let you know the news.” When the shelter-in-place order […]

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Rebecca DuMaine lives a life filled with music from the American Songbook

Growing up on the Peninsula, singer Rebecca DuMaine listened to her father, Dave Miller, play piano every day and fell asleep to the sounds of George Shearing and Bill Evans arrangements. After acting in New York for a number of years post college, she returned home in 2010, settling in Menlo Park. “Besides finding it […]

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Council member Ray Mueller selects Rayna Lehman as Hometown Hero

My first COVID-19 Hometown Hero is Menlo Park resident Rayna Lehman. In April as COVID 19 closed workplace after workplace and completely changed the trajectory of our lives, Rayna Lehman, Director of Community Services for the San Mateo County Central Labor Council and Labor Liaison to United Way Bay Area – and longtime Menlo Park […]

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How does your garden grow, Lisa and Larry?

Walking into Lisa Burnett and Larry Cofer’s front yard vegetable garden, one is first accosted by what they call the “purple people.” “Years ago, I bought a six pack of seedling Campanulas, and they’ve just taken over,” explains Lisa. “They’re at their tallest now. I’ll whack them down and they’ll be back next summer.” Given […]

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From John McDonnell’s garden springs Corn Fest 2020

Menlo Park resident John McDonnell explains that gardening is in his blood. “My family has owned and operated a number of nurseries in the Bay Area,” he says. “The last  remaining one is on Moraga Way in Orinda.” While he worked at one of the nurseries when he was in high school, law school beckoned. Today […]

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