10 things to be thankful for in Menlo and Atherton

by Linda Hubbard on November 24, 2011

How can you walk, bike or drive around Menlo Park and Atherton at this time of the year and not be immediately thankful? The most obvious prompted us to put together this Thanksgiving top 10 list.

10. Yes, the obvious at this time of year — the fabulous Fall color. Is it our best kept secret?

9. Three big parks that provide different flavors of recreation — Bedwell Bayfront, Flood, and Holbrook Palmer. That’s a lot of recreation square footage for such a small geography.

8. Innovative public and private schools. We’re chock a block full of quality — and diverse education choices.

7. Intellectual capital. Living quietly (and not so quietly) amongst us, entrepreneurial and creative minds and some of the smartest investors on the planet.

6. Hidden scenic treasures. How many Menlo Atherton residents know we have a not only a lake (in Sharon Heights) but a beautiful civic pond?

5. Not so hidden historic treasures. While most of the mansions of yore are gone, vestiges remain like Peninsula School and the Latham-Hopkins Gate House, among others.

4. Local merchants who really know our name. And we reciprocate by learning their names, too, even when they are new to town.

3. Santa Cruz Ave. and Atherton Ave. These two main streets help define our identity.

2. Neighborhoods with names of their own. Lloydon Park, Menlo Oaks, Allied Arts, Felton Gables — these are some of the places we call home.

1. The best weather in, well, the world. Neighbor Redwood City may boast “climate best by government test” but go the couple of miles south and it gets even better.

We know the list could go on. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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