Hidden Atherton

Since  early summer, locals have been “whispering” the news that Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha, had bought an estate in Atherton. Yesterday, the news went nationwide with reports that the purchase price was $31 million, the most paid for a house in the entire Bay Area.

Interested in learning more? Here’s a good account.

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Newly restored and relocated Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes debuts at Sacred Heart Schools

Earlier this month there was a rededication ceremony of Our Lady of Lourdes statue/grotto that had been “hidden” away on the Sacred Heart School upper campus for some time. SHS alum Laura Pitchford provided InMenlo with some background: “The original Virgin (she is the same but with a facelift!) was located outside of the Siegal […]

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It’s olive harvest time at Sacred Heart Schools

Last week pumpkins got pushed to the side, so to speak, when students at Sacred Heart’s lower and upper schools harvested olives from the 50-tree, 100-year-old grove along Elena Avenue in Atherton. In the early part of last century, the Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ), who ran the school, tended to the trees and […]

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Betty Hilmer shares memories of her adobe house in Atherton

An adobe house in Atherton? Don’t think pueblo or cliff dwelling. The house that caught Robert and Betty Hilmer’s eye over 50 years ago is a mid-century modern gem. “We happened on it by chance,” Betty recalled, sitting in the family room of a house that’s largely unchanged since they moved in in 1956. “We were […]

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Hidden streets of Menlo Park: Croner Avenue

At least to this observer, “avenue” implies a larger roadway than Croner Avenue, a narrow passageway sandwiched for about a quarter mile between North Lemon and Orange avenues in Menlo Park. We ambled upon it one day while walking the dog and talked to one of the residents who indicated that some of the houses on the […]

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M.A. Harris estate is one of Atherton’s historical best – then and now

Over the past 100 years, there are a few special properties in Atherton that have maintained their prominence. The estate located at 120 Selby Lane is one. Originally part of a 16+ acre parcel, this estate was home to Matthew A. Harris, member of the first Atherton city council, subsequent Mayor of Atherton and president […]

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Bear Gulch Reservoir hides in plain sight in Atherton, providing water for local residents

Get off the beaten path a bit, and you’re apt to discover something hiding in plain sight, something actually pretty big. Case in point, the 166 million gallon (at capacity) Bear Gulch Reservoir in Atherton, a body of water much more visible on Google Earth than to area residents. We paid the Reservoir a visit […]

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Barnyard in Atherton? Yes, hiding in plain sight at Sacred Heart Schools

Collecting eggs. Milking goats. Feeding chickens, rabbits and ducks. It all happens after every school day on the campus of Sacred Heart Schools. “For lower and middle school students, it’s an enrichment program,” explained Dr. Stewart Slafter, who wears the multiple hats of farm manager and geography/history/agriculture teacher. (He also tends the barnyard on weekends […]

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10 things to be thankful for in Menlo and Atherton

How can you walk, bike or drive around Menlo Park and Atherton at this time of the year and not be immediately thankful? The most obvious prompted us to put together this Thanksgiving top 10 list. 10. Yes, the obvious at this time of year — the fabulous Fall color. Is it our best kept […]

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Do you know where Atherton’s secret garden is?

There’s a secret garden in Atherton — but just how many residents are in on the secret,  we’re not sure. Those who know about the garden, treasure it. The garden  is attached to the Atherton Library. It was “reinvigorated” some years ago by Joan Sanders and is now lovingly tended by three members of the Friends […]

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